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Personal statement is a very important part of your application. You have to write it carefully, if you want to get admission in the residency of your choice. However, majority of the students have no idea that how they should write their personal statement. They are confused about the content and formatting details. In this situation, if you consult a residency personal statement editing sample, it can be really helpful. Samples of personal statement give you clear idea about the content of the statement and how you should actually write your statement.

Can Our Residency Personal Statement Samples Help You?

Our personal statement residency editing services are helping students by providing them with samples. It provides them a good outline for residency personal statement. You can get information that how you should start the personal statement, how it should be divided into different paragraphs and how you should write the closing. You can also read our residency personal statement editing examples, if you have no idea about editing of your personal statement. Remember, writing personal statement is important but if you will not edit it properly, it will be full of errors and mistakes, and all your effort will be wasted. Hence, our samples can help you in making your own personal statement outline.

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How Can You Use Our ERAS® Personal Statement Sample?

Our clients can use residency PS sample in various ways. You can use these samples to know about the content of the personal statement. You will get an idea that how you can start your personal statement. You will get information about the residency program personal statement format. You can see, how to close the personal statement. In your personal statement, you have to make a strong statement about your personality. Our samples can give idea that what should be the selection of words. How you can present your abilities. What are the main points which you should discuss.

Our samples are written by professional personal statement writing experts. They know the proper requirements and they know all the formatting rules. So, if you will use our residency personal statement editing outline, you will find it really helpful. It will give you the complete picture about the personal statement. You will know the actual criteria on which your personal statement will be judged.

Tips for Writing a Residency Personal Statement

Residency personal statement is not an easy job, you have to take it seriously if you want to get admission in the residency of your choice. Here are few tips, which can help you to write your personal statement:

  • Make an outline first. Brainstorm the positive aspects of your personality and make the list of those points, which you want to mention in your personal statement. It will help you not to miss an important point.
  • Read samples about the field you are interested in. For instance, if you want to get enrolled in psychiatry residency, read psychiatry residency personal statement sample. It will provide you guidance about the content.
  • The start of the personal statement should be very powerful. You can start will a story, a personal life incident or a childhood observation, which became your inspiration to join this residency. it’s important to mention your motivation.
  • Mention your passion about the field. If you have any work experience or you have worked as volunteer, it must be mentioned.
  • Another important tip is to write about the institution you are applying to. Visit the website of the college and see what the key features of this place are. You can mention them in your personal statement, it will reflect that you are actually interested in this institution.
  • You can also attempt to write a funny personal statement, but that can be tricky. If you write a funny statement don’t write funny things about the institution or any person. You can write funny portion about yourself, your abilities and achievements.
  • Keep in mind that personal statement should not be very long. Limit yourself to the given word count. If there are no limitations, make sure it’s not more than one and half page.
  • Don’t submit the same personal statement in all the institution. You can write a personal statement but make changes according to the institution and the field you are applying to.
  • After completing, do necessary formatting and editing. You can use our residency personal statement editing format for guidance. You may have to rearrange the sentences. Remove all grammatical errors. Check spellings, don’t rely on the spell checker only.
  • Proofread it before submitting. If a senior in the family or a friend can help you, it will be even better. You may not be able to find your mistakes, but a third person can locate them.

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Mistakes to Avoid in Medical Residency Personal Statements

Here are few things, which are usually ignored by the students, but actually they are big mistakes. It’s important to avoid them to secure your admission:

  • The most important thing is to write an original personal statement. Don’t copy it from any source. If you are using a pediatric residency personal statement sample, use it for guidance only.
  • Don’t talk negative about yourself or about anything. Your tone should be positive throughout the personal statement.
  • Avoid the use of clinches, which are typically used in personal statement. It gives an impression as if you have no thought of your own and you are just run of the mill. Remember, you have to make your own unique impression.
  • Usually, students leave personal statement for the last minutes. But in the end, they get short of time and cannot write their PS properly. Try to start it early, as it’s a time taking task.

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